Our Model

  • Darek Żuk


  • Ross Knap

    CEO Callpage

  • Tomasz Jabłoński

    CEO Qpony/Blix

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We focus on early seed investing and quickly reaching a late seed round together with the founders. Listen to Darek’s intro to our model. For a deep dive into early seed, check out our Medium story

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We are obsessed about being dynamic and efficient. Ross Knap, the founder and CEO of Callpage (exited at 22x within 2 years from investment) will tell you more about our dynamics. You can also download a sample gameplan of what happens before and after the investment

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Effectiveness is at the heart of what we do. We can only be as successful as our investments, so we aim to support portfolio startups best we can. Tomasz Jablonski, the founder and CEO of Qpony/BLIX went all the way with us: from company formation and early beginnings, through to a (10x) exit, and recently as a coinvestor in Plenti. Above you can find his perspective on our model.