Competence Hubs

At AIP Seed, we offer our portfolio companies a distinctive support model through our eight Competence Hubs. These hubs are designed to address critical areas where startups may lack in-house skills or capabilities, providing a level of support that is rare in the industry.

Marketing, PR 
& Growth

Implement effective 
marketing strategies 
and public relations 
to drive startup growth.

Artificial Intelligence
& Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology and AI solutions for innovative product development.


& Culture

Foster a strong company culture and manage 
talent effectively to build 
a high-performing team.

Finances & CFO


Access financial expertise 
and on-demand CFO 
services to ensure robust financial health.


Navigate legal complexities with expert guidance 
to ensure compliance 
and mitigate risks.

Next Rounds 

& Co-Investors

Secure funding and build strategic partnerships 
with co-investors 
for future growth.


Identify and apply for grants to secure 
additional funding for your startup.


Plan and execute 
successful exit strategies 
to maximize returns 
for stakeholders.

How We Support Portfolio’s Startups

Our startups have open access to the AIP Seed team for any pressing issues. We actively engage with our founders, providing hands-on assistance upon request.

Additionally, to broaden the scope of our support, we facilitate seamless connections to industry-leading advisors, freelancers, and agencies. This ensures our startups receive comprehensive expertise and guidance, both from our internal team and external specialists.