Meet dedicated AIP Seed team committed to helping our portfolio companies overcome business challenges. We're not just about advice; we're about action, driving success, and unlocking potential.

Darek Żuk

CEO & Founder 

Darek is a pioneer in Poland's startup ecosystem. 

He founded the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators (AIP) in 2004, supporting over 20,000 startups. 

In 2011, he launched Poland’s first co-working network,, now a leader in the CEE region with over 30,000 square meters of space and significant VC backing from Skanska. 

Darek also established AIP Seed, one of Europe’s first 
pre-seed funds, which has backed projects like CallPage, Plenti, and Foodsi. In 2022, he launched the AIP Seed 2.0 with 25 million euros to invest in top CEE startups.

Aleksander Potocki


Inga Dwórznik


Karolina Szostek

Head of Comptence Hubs 

& Marketing Manager

Mateusz Zawadzki

Investment Analyst

Kristina Kicka

Executive Assistant